Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Activity Period Options

Amnesty International Mr. Jannke 211
Chinese Club Dr. Wang 305
Dog Scouts Ms. O'Keefe Animal Science
E.C.O.S. ( Environmentally Concerned Organization of Students) Ms. Rodriguez Cafeteria
FFA Agri-Science Staff Agri-Science
First Robotics Mr. Estabrooks Metal Shop
Gay Straight Alliance Mr. Palmieri 111
Girls / Boys Swim Mr. Murphy Room 406
Gospel Club Ms. Thompson Chorus Room
Girls Cross Country Mr. Douglass` Room 203
Innervisions Ms. Park 112
Operation Smile Ms. Riley 310
PALESTRA  Mr. Person Gym
Sophomore Advisory Ms. Evans 303
Spanish Club
* Prior Sign-Up Required *
Ms. Anderson 205
Trip to France Ms. Sylvestre Room 206
YES Club  Ms. Colon 117
Youth Alive Bible Club Mr. Ewing 414