Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bell Schedule for Today

B1 7:42-8:39
Advisory 8:44-8:50
B2 8:55-9:52
B3 9:57-10:53
B4 10:58 -12:00

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Winter Sports Meetings Today

Boys BB (Cornish)--Main Gym
Girls BB (Vincent)--Main Gym
Wrestling (BIlheimer)--Room 217
B/G IT (Tetlow)--Cafeteria (front half)
Fencing (Holland)--Cafeteria (back half)
Cheerleading (Daugherty)--Auxiliary Gym
Co-op Boys Swim and Ice Hockey--Please see Mr. Buonocore in Athletic Director Office

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Final AIM Tomorrow

The last official AIM period for the school year will feature several events.

9th Grade-Elections in the auditorium.  When called, please escort your advisories to the auditorium and remain to help supervise them.

10th Grade-Elections in the gymnasium.  When called, please escort your advisories to the gymnasium and remain to help supervise them.

11th Grade-Class Meeting in the cafeteria.  When called, please escort your advisories to the cafeteria and remain to help supervise them.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Spirit Week Bell Schedule

Click here for Spirit Week Bell Schedule

Spirit Week May 15-19!

We will be celebrating spring spirit week next week (no hall decorations).

The dress-up days are as follows:
Monday = Sports Day (any sports related attire counts or support your favorite team!)
Tuesday = Tacky Tourist day (self explanatory?!)
Wednesday = Fictional Character day (a perennial favorite)
Thursday = ”Throwback Thursday”-dress from your favorite decade;
Friday = is class color day!

We will be running the “old schedule” all week, including a 6 minute advisory. During that time we ask that teachers tally points for those who are dressed up.

Pep-rally OUTSIDE 1-2pm on Friday

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tomorrow is Actually an AIM 60

11th & 12th Grade Advisory Teachers,

Wednesday's AIM period is a special sixty minute period.  At the conclusion of announcements, an announcement will be made to load the auditorium by grade.  Please escort your advisories to the auditorium and remain to help supervise.

About the assembly,

All 11th and 12th graders will be in the auditorium with Tom Pincince. Tom is the Assistant Athletic Director for Communication and Media Services at Central Connecticut State University. The topic of his discussion is "educating our students about making good decisions on social media". Many references and stories will be related to athletics, however, all of our students will be able to take something away from this presentation that will be useful and positive as they move forward in their life. All students will be asked to participate in a brief survey at the conclusion of the presentation on their cell phones. Please make students aware that the local media will be covering the event and photos could be taken and some students may be asked for a quote at some point before, during or after the workshop.

Thank you,

The AIM Committee

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

AIM Agenda for Feb 22

  • Handbook signature forms
  • Career Day survey
  • Leadership survey in Jr Class Classroom
  • Spring Sports signups 9:20 (only if finished with surveys)

Spring Sports Meetings 9:20 am Feb 22

Boys Lacrosse--Room 217
Girls Lacrosse--Auxiliary Gym
Baseball--Main Gym
Softball--Main Gym
Boys Tennis--Main Gym
Girls Tennis--Main Gym
Boys Outdoor Track--Back end of Cafeteria
Girls Outdoor Track--Back end of Cafeteria

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Early Dismissal Schedule for Today

Planned Early Dismissal Bell Schedule 
   Revised 7/30/15

Friday, January 6, 2017

Schedule for Friday, January 6

2 Hour Delay Bell Schedule
Lunch 110:41-11:06
Lunch 211:40-12:05
   Revised 7/30/15