Monday, September 14, 2015

Preview of Week

Tuesday - picture day for sophomores
Wednesday - picture day for juniors and freshman makeups
Friday - half day due to PD

Friday, September 4, 2015

Next Week

Monday - No School
Tuesday - Blue and White Day
Wednesday - AIM 30, stay in Advisory for an activity
Thursday - Open House in the PM (6:00)
Friday - Sunday - Ledyard Fair

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Blue White Day September 8 Tuesday

Band members and cheerleaders will be dismissed to the gymnasium at 8:40 (with 10 minutes left in Block 1). 
9:04—Introduction (Amanda Fagan)
9:05—National Anthem (Chamber Choir)
9:07—Cheerleader Dance Routine (Lori Daugherty)
9:10—Academic Recognition (Administration)
9:16—Pep Band Transition (Tom Green)
9:18—Fall Sports Captains and Gift Give Away Selection (Jim Buonocore)
9:30—Cheerleader Routine (Lori Daugherty)
9:33—New Teacher Introduction (Administration)
9:38—Chamber Choir (Russ Hammond)
9:45---Introduction of Class Officers/Student Congress (Bill Casertano)
9:53---Pep Band Transition (students return to morning meetings to pick up belongings)

10:00—Dismissal to Block 2