Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Blue and White Day Assembly Agenda

The schedule will be an AIM 60 for the day. During the AIM block we will have our Blue and White Day assembly. This is the agenda for the assembly.

8:50 -Block 1 ends
8:55 -Students attend Advisory
9:00 - Students dismissed to Gym by Hallway/Class
9:09—Introduction (Amanda Fagan)
9:10—National Anthem (Chamber Choir)
9:12—Cheerleader Dance Routine
9:15—Academic Recognition/Community Achievemnt (Administration)
9:23 - First drawing for Gift Card
9:24—New Teacher Introduction (S. Shilke & H. Hinton)
9:28 —Pep Band transition
9:29—Athletic Recognition (Buonocore)
9:44—Cheer Routine
9:46---Second Gift Card Drawing
9:47---Chamber Choir - introducing the Alma Mater
9:51---Introduction of Class Officers/Student Congress (Casertano)
9:56---Final Drawing for Nook(2)
9:57---Pep Band Transition (students return to Advisory)
10:00--Bell for Dismissal to Block 2

10:05--Block 2 Begins